Terms of Use and Conditions

The following terms of use and conditions apply to the use of this website, the affiliate platform, and other applications of Dena International. The agreement sets forth the agreement between Dena International (“we,” “us,” “our,” “company,” and “the company”) and any user (“you,” “your,” and “yours”). Please read this section before using any of our services. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions it is suggested you not use this website.  Access to this site is neither exclusive nor revocable, unless mentioned otherwise in your contract/special agreement.

  • Use of the website and trademarks:
    The content, products, design, functions, materials, offers, creative solutions, guides, platforms, applications, logos, headers, sounds, and other materials are the property of Dena International and are protected by intellectual property and governing law. When using this website follow all rules and regulations in order not to violate any of these rights.
    Any product, offer, content, price, payment method, shipping method, and related information or service may be changed anytime without prior notice to users. When affiliates, distributors, or other partners use the information provided by our company they are to make sure that everything is presented the way it was received and that it matches specifications of our site. Any changes, translations, or interpretations need to be approved by us before publishing it.
  • Shipment:
    After placing an order on our website, the shipment will be prepared with the address specified unless it is restricted by shipping policies. If the product is damaged or lost during shipment we do not take responsibility. However, we will assist you in getting reimbursed for the loss.
  • Third party links:
    In some cases you may come across third party links that provide additional information. Keep in mind that by clicking third party links you leave our page. Neither we nor our affiliates or partners are responsible for the content or security of third party websites.
  • Inappropriate material:
    You are prohibited from posting illegal, offending, discriminating, or any other related type of information on our website or blog, or to use this type of information when presenting our products and company to third parties. If we determine that you are violating this rule and using inappropriate material, your account will be immediately terminated and we reserve the right to request information about the identity of the person posting such information from acourt or other legal entity.
  • User information:
    Except for the information that you provide when registering on the site or to one of our programs, your personal information, all other information including posts, comments, suggestions, concepts, and ideas are considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. Information published publicly and voluntarily does not fall under any of our privacy policies, and can be used for any purpose such as disclosure, publication, transmission, and reproduction.
  • Affiliate information:
    We prepare and provide materials to our affiliates.  We may also provide links that are related to our products but may have been prepared by a third party. We do not take responsibility for information provided by third party sources. For this reason, before using material obtained from third parties, you must verify the information as true and accurate and ensure that their usage will not present our products in a negative way. 

We do not accept responsibility for taxes our affiliates owe.  When we make payments to our affiliates they are solely responsible for their tax obligations.  Affiliates need to confirm legitimacy and acceptability of their participation in the program beforehand.