About Us


Who are we?

Vitaminized is a health boutique and e-shop of Dena International, based in California, USA. Our e-shop provides nutritional supplements, vitamins, and herbal products to customers worldwide for a healthy lifestyle.  We are dedicated to the development of new formulas and staying ahead of the fast pace of changes in the VMS (vitamin, mineral and supplement) market. We offer only the highest quality products, with time-tested ingredients, which have proven safe and effective. 

Our R&D team is continuously developing new products, but we add only the most superior products to our catalog to help our customers maintain optimum health.  We use pharma standards for achieving the best results with our products—pharma standards are more advanced and strict than requirements for vitamins and supplements. We also provide our customers with detailed, evidence-based information on each product.


We currently serve customers all over the world through our online store and via distributors. We are always looking for reliable new business partners worldwide. As an export company, we provide the best terms and conditions to our business partners, such as assistance with registration, thorough documentation and marketing information, minimum order thresholds as low as 100 packages, special terms for e-commerce, opportunities to develop affiliate programs in different countries, training materials required for sales personnel working with medical and pharmaceutical institutions, and more.


In addition, a high priority for Dena International is to build an outstanding affiliate network. We offer our own proprietary web platform, which makes for a prompt and efficient payment system and allows us to offer the highest commissions in the field.  It also allows us to welcome affiliates who don’t already have a website. Affiliates are supplied with a thorough base of scientific and marketing information so that they don’t need to have expert knowledge in VMS or pharmaceuticals.



Our Vision and Mission

The mission of Dena International is to provide high-quality vitamins and supplements, developed and manufactured with pharma standards and unique features, directly to consumers as well to a network of affiliates, in order to establish an outstanding reputation as a boutique producer of branded quality health products for a healthy lifestyle.


We strive to create change in the way people choose vitamins and food supplements. We aim to provide customized vitamins for individuals, not thousands of general products to a market.  Our vision is to deliver vitamins, minerals, and food supplements required by each individual at precisely the right time.


Quality Guarantees

Quality assurance procedures established by Dena International guarantee the highest quality products. The strictest production standards are followed, ingredients are obtained from the best suppliers around the world, the most up-to-date technological equipment is utilized throughout the production process, and warehouses are adapted to the specific needs of each product. We offer our customers only the highest quality products, all fully guaranteed.  We accept and refund any single unused capsule if a customer is not completely satisfied.  Unused portions can be returned within 30 days of receipt with a brief explanation of the problem for a full refund.